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Customized Nutrition Plan

We will customize a nutritious diet plan according to your needs. "If you want to lose weight and get toned, or if you are already thin but want to gain muscle, we have a diet plan for you!"  We will discuss your life style and favorite foods to create a diet and exercise plan that you will enjoy while reaching your goals!

IV Vitamin Infusion

If you are fatigued, dehydrated, hung over or experiencing malaise from flu or cold symptoms or have dull, dry winter skin. You can get restored with IV Vitamin Hydration. We offer the Glamour Anti-Aging IV, Glamour  Immunity IV, Glamour Rejuvination IV and Glamour Fitness IV.   These IVs contain Natural Vitamins such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B1-B6, B12, Magnesium and Amino acids, which are delivered directly to the blood stream through an IV line. Vitamins through an IV are better absorbed than through the oral route. The affects of IV vitamins can be immediate and on going. You may require one treatment or several depending on your needs. Treatments are 30-45 minutes. Appointments only.

Medical Weight Loss

If you need a little extra push to encourage weight loss. We can administer Vitamin B12  or Lipo B injections to increase your energy and help you loose inches. Vitamin B12 can be injected every 2 weeks and Lipo B can be injected up to 2 times per week. If these supplements are not enough, you may qualify for our Phentermine package. Schedule an appointment for details!  

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