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Monthly Membership Option

$ 89 per month

1 Vitamin B12 - every 2 weeks

2 lipo B12 every week

1 vaginal steam per month

*Discounts included In membership

Any IV hydration for $99.00 limited to 1 every month

20% off any medication package

May cancel for any reason after 6 month commitment

Can reactivate anytime

Non-Memembershiop Purchases! ​

Grand Opening Package deals

$100 Lipo Mic plus B12 Ignite for 4

Helps burn fat,  increases energy and metabolism contains , B12, B vitamin, Chromium and L-carnitine.

Burn fat as fuel, Fatigue resistance, decrease weight gain from carbs, decrease muscle soreness, increase muscle growth. Best when injected 1-2 times per week.

Expect an additional  2-3 inches/lbs loss per week with proper diet and exercise.

Grand Opening Package deals

6-Vitamin B12 

Increases energy, mood and metabolism


Weight Loss Consulttion

Diet Medication Assessment including prescription for an Appetite Suppressants, such as Phentermine $70 dollars. This is for 30 day supply of the appetite suppressant, diuretic if needed, diet plan, biweekly weigh in and provider contact.  Patient must make an appointment to be evaluated. Must have  had a physical within the last year. Please send email via contact page if you would like to schedule a medication appointment.

Glamour Heated Clay Body Wraps

100% natural ingredients

Our heated clay body wraps accompanied with our weight loss sauna slimming blanket will help improve immunity, promote cell metabolism, detox, relieve fatigue and help get rid of stubborn fat in your stomach, thighs, arms and back! It can also reduce cellulite!

Each treatment is 60 minutes and can be done every 72 hours for best results!

1 session 1 body part $75                     3 sessions 1 body parts $175

1 session 2 body parts $100                 3 sessions 2 body parts $200

1 session 3 body parts $125                  3 sessions 3 body parts $250

Ultrasound Cavitation and RF Lipo

Ultrasonic cavitation is a minimally invasive alternative to tumescent liposuction that uses ultrasonic waves to turn fat cells into free fatty acids, which are easier for the body to get rid of.

The midsection, upper arms, thighs, hips, and chin area can be targeted with these low-frequency ultrasound waves, which penetrate the skin and create bubbles around fat deposits. The bubbles then burst, causing the body to get rid of them naturally through the urinary tract and lymphatic system.

Most patients require between 6-12 treatments in-office treatments, but many see up to one to 2 inches of circumference reduction after only four treatments. Each treatment session lasts for around 30 to 50 minutes.

To get the most out of your treatments, increase water, maintain a healthy diet, and exercising regularly in-between sessions. In fact, it’s important that patients drink at least (1.5 L) of water before and after ultrasonic cavitation treatments in order to help the body expel the fatty acids.

Each treatment is 30-60 minutes and can be done every 72 hours for best results!

1 session abdomen and sides $150                   

6 sessions abdomen and sides $750

1 session arms or back $175

6 sessions arms or back $850

1 session thighs $200

6 sessions thighs $1000

Face $100 per session

6 face sessions $550

Buttocks Enhancement or the "vacuum therapy", is a non-invasive way to enlarge the buttocks. The vacuum machine helps with mobilizing the fat cells to the desired area. Also, it gradually lifts and pumps the buttocks. Recommended sessions for results are 8-12 sessions. Once a week as it takes a while for fat to be mobilized.

1 treatment $70

4 treatments $250

8 treatments $475

Grand Opening Package deals

Vaginal Steam-    4

*Must shower immediately before arrival. 


Vaginal Steam

We will choose the best one for you upon arrival.

*Must shower immediately before arrival. Can take up to 3 clients at a time!


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 gives a boost of energy and increases your metabolism


Vitamin C Injection

Vitamin C has the ability to help you burn body fat during moderate exercise. Vitamin C is used to treat colds, boost immune systems, encourage collagen growth, lower hypertension, and even guard against heart disease.


Lipo Mic Plus B12Injection

Lipo injections contain high doses of the fat blasting compounds Methionine, Inositol, Choline, a potent dose of vitamin B12 and B vitamins. It speed up the overall metabolic processes and create a greater feeling of overall energy, but with the added benefit of L-Carnitine and Chromium. L-Carnitine is a weight loss supplements that not only boost energy during times of caloric deficit, but is an effective appetite suppressant. 

Chromium Picolinate supports healthy weight loss and induces carbohydrate metabolism helping limit fat storage.

This injection can be used to directly target and eliminate the stubborn fat that accumulates in the abdomen, obliques, upper arms, thighs and other areas of the body.


Glamour Anti-Aging IV

Glutathione as well as Vitamin C to help detoxify the body from damaging free radicals and improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails and even skin tone. This IV is sure to give you a glow inside and out!

Research shows that higher levels of glutathione can:

•strengthen immune function;

•detoxify the body;

•protect cells;

•boost metabolism;

•and decrease inflammation throughout the body.


Glamour Immunity  IV

Myer’s Cocktail formulated as a comprehensive IV therapy for maintaining good health & wellness, minimizing stress and boosting the immune system to help prevent cold and flu-like symptoms.

Magnesium chloride – prevents inflammation and supports a healthy immune system. Also good for treating asthma, migraines, and high blood pressure

•Calcium gluconate – treats low blood calcium and builds strong bones

•Vitamin C – fights illness 


Glamour Rejuvenation IV

Replenish hydration and help you recover from a variety of ailments such as a hangover*, common colds, flu-like symptoms, body aches, headaches or seasonal allergies. Same ingredients as Immunity IV but increased Vit C, Zinc and other minerals and nutrients.


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